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Our Services

Sparklebright Window Cleaning Services clean windows across the whole of Kent, Thanet and South London.

Dealing with small residential contracts through to very large commercial projects, we look after them all in the same way; expertly and professionally.

We pay attention to detail and provide the whole of our service at a very competitive rate.

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Areas We Cover

We cover the whole of Kent, Thanet and South London including Margate, Westgate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Newington, Westbrook, Cliftonville, Kingsgate, Dumpton, Herne Bay, Whitstable, Deal, Sandwich and St Nicholas.

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Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning

As well as making use of traditional window cleaning methods, we use the water-fed pole system.

This allows us to reach heights of 75ft easily from ground level, providing our customers with fantastic cost savings of as much as 40% as we do not have to use high access equipment.

As well as ensuring total health & safety compliance, the system allows us to clean windows using a telescopic carbon fibre pole, pumped through with purified water to a soft brush on the end.

The water is up to 99.9% cleaner than tap water, leaving windows truly sparkling clean.